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Artist Dictionaries
Falk's new revised and expanded edition includes more than 65,000 entries in 3 huge volumes! Covers 400 years of artists active in America: 1564-1975.

Thousands of biographical references have been consulted to make this the largest and most comprehensive dictionary of American artists ever produced. Additionally, it contains thousands of signatures & monograms of American artists! By acquiring this important two-volume set for your library, we welcome you to the cognoscenti of American art.

We are confident that the completeness and accuracy of this set makes it an indispensable acquisition for your library. If you are not satisfied, you may return your set with ten days for a full refund. We stand by our guarantee. Our reference books are not sold in bookstores! They are available only directly from the publisher.

-- By Peter Hastings Falk.
Three volumes; 8-1/2 x 11 inches; 3,750 pages; loth.(1999) ISBN 932087-57-4
Price: only $299.

DICTIONARY OF SIGNATURES & MONOGRAMS OF AMERICAN ARTISTS: Colonial Period to Mid 20th Century. 8,000 signature specimens for 3,400 American artists. Six useful indexes include initials, shapes and symbols. Helpful chapter on how to detect fakes and forgeries. (by Falk, 1988) 560 pp. ISBN 0.932087. 04-3 - [Out of Print]
INDEX TO COLLECTIONS OF AMERICAN PAINTINGS. The first comprehensive index of its kind, linking artists to their institutions as well as describing the nature of each collection. (work in progress.)
The first comprehensive index to all art experts worldwide, complete with qualifications. Thoroughly indexed by artist, style, and subject matter.
To be available only on-line at    If you are an expert, contact us now for a questionnaire.
      Imagine this nightmare assignment:
You must locate every art magazine published in 19th century America - no matter how rare or how long it takes to find them. Then, you must read every single article in each magazine. And most important, you must take notes every time you come across an artist's name, geographical place, or any type of subject matter!

      Well, it took more than 20 years, but this extraordinary feat was accomplished by noted art librarian, Mary M. Schmidt, and her team of graduate students. For the first time, every article in every issue of every art magazine that appeared in nineteenth century America in thoroughly indexed!

      This massive volume is made up entirely of two indexes. In the CITATIONS section, the magazines appear in alphabetical order, issue by issue. There are more than 27,000 citations for these magazines. Researchers will find descriptions - some short, some longer - of the articles within each issue. Some magazines lasted longer than others; therefore, some contain a much larger quantity of data than others. Each article in each magazine has its own unique citation number.

      The INDEX lists the names of artists, authors, and the other primary subjects that are found in the main CITATIONS. For example, when an artist's name is the main cross reference, it will be followed by a column listing all the basic subjects in various magazines that relate to that artist - and each of these subjects is tagged with the cross-reference number of the magazine from which it is directly derived.

      An essential set for every art reference library and every individual serious about their research.

-- By Mary M. Schmidt,
former head art librarian emeritus, Marquand Library Princeton University.
Two volumes; 8-1/2 x 11 inches; 1,600 pages. Cloth.(1999) ISBN 932087-56-6. Price: only $245.

Sound View Press
Artists' Works-The Exhibition Record Series

These indices document the details on hundreds of thousands of works exhibited by artists at the major Salon-type exhibitions in America. "This series is the most important basis for art historical research in late 19th to mid 20th century American art." - Prof. Wm. H. Gerdts, Graduate Program, City Univ. of New York.

1888-1950. Documents 56,700 works from 166 exhibition catalogues of the American Annual, the Chicago Annual, and the Watercolor Annual. 1117 pp. ISBN 0-932087-11-6 - $149.00
1873-1909. Over 15,000 entries by 3,000 artists. 480 pp. ISBN 0-932087-18-3 - $64.00
1907-1967. 336 pp. ISBN O-932087-13-2 [out of print]
1901-1950. Documents 27,600 works from the Spring and Winter annuals. 624 pp. ISBN O-932087-09.4 - $89.00

Vol. 1: 1807-1870 (486 pp.; ISBN 0.932087-05-1) documents 24,000 works. $89.00

Vol. 2: 1876-1913 (612 pp.; ISBN O-932087-05-1) documents 21,750 works. $89.00

Vol. 3: 1914-1968 (544 pp; ISBN 0. 932087-07-8) documents 21,900 works. $89.00

3 Volume set. $237.00 (Save $30!)
1922-1936. 10,707 works by 3,128 artists. 242 pp. ISBN 0, 932087-15-9 - $49.00
1917-1944. Documents over 27,300 works by 6,860 artists. Important secessionist group 610 pp. ISBN 0,8155-5063.4 - $64.00
1918-1989.13,249 entries. 468 pp. ISBN 0-932087-12-4 - $64.00


Record of the Carnegie Institute's International Exhibitions: 1896-1996 Celebrates the 100th anniversary of the prestigious Carnegie International exhibition by documenting 29,738 works. This documentation is so thorough that-for the first time- we have included the works that were rejected as well! A fascinating and valuable record. 650;
8-1/2 X 11 inches. Cloth (1998) ISBN 932087-55-8

Companion Volume::
International Encounters: The Carnegie International and Contemporary Art, 1896-1996 Vicky A. Clark, General Editor. The exhibition records (above) index in detail the individual works of art. But this is a great companion volume which chronologically examines the history of this series of exhibitions which brought widespread recognition to Pittsburgh and had an impact on the course of American art. 176 pp. profusely illustrated; 9-1/4 x 11 inches. Softcover perfectbind (1996) $30.00

Sound View Press
The Conservation Series

These books are for the public as well as professional conservators and researchers.

GILDED WOOD, Conservation and History. (1992)
First comprehensive examination of gilded wood. By a team of 36 international experts. Profusely illustrated. 432 pp. ISBN 0-932087-21-3 - $89.00
How to protect any collection, all objects, all media. Acclaimed as the leading book on this subject. 272 pp. ISBN 0.932087-16.7 - $39.00
Suppliers Directory, 19th Century. (by A. Katlan, 1987) Lists 3,700 art supply shops in NYC and Boston. 134 photos of stencil marks and labels. 476 pp. ISBN 0-8155-5064.2 - [Out of Print]
A Guide to Stretchers, Panels, Millboards, and Stencil Marks. (by A. Katlan, 1992) Shows all U.S. stretcher patents, 1849-1949. All support materials thoroughly examined, hundreds of illustrations. Includes directories of the 19th c. art suppliers of Philadelphia. and Baltimore. 544 pp. ISBN O-932087-19-1 - $64.00
Sound View Press
Exhibition Monographs and Catalogues Raisonne
Raisonnés on Rediscovered American Artists

Our special research projects about less-known but important American artists often result in publications. These monographs are produced in conjunction with museum or gallery exhibitions.

Peter Hastings Falk
Researched and written for the retrospective at Shannon Fine Arts, New Haven, Conn., Oct. 1990. Swedish-born Frederick Trap Friis [1865-1909] was an accomplished Impressionist painter who trained in Europe, came to New York in 1890, and settled in New Bedford, Mass. The quality of his collection, recently discovered, stands as a refreshing testament to the high achievements of those unheralded artists who have slipped through the cracks of art history. 94 illustrations, 1 in color. 40 pp., paperback
$12.00 postpaid. A limited quantity remains.
FRANK S. HERRMANN, A Separate Reality
Peter Hastings Falk.
Published for the retrospective at the White Plains Museum, Jan. 1988.
Herrmann [1866-1942] was an American who was best known in Germany because he spent much of his artistic career there. This biography traces the development of his style from a Beaux-Arts academic realism to Impressionism, to the "New Objectivity." He was a founding member of two important groups of the German avant-garde centered in Munich: the New Secession of German Artists and SEMA. His close friendships with Paul Klee and Alfred Stieglitz are illuminating. After WWI he returned to the U.S., but only allowed his work to be exhibited a few times, in New York, shortly before his death.
39 illus., 4 in color. 32 pp., paperback ISBN 0-932087-00-2
$12.00 postpaid. A limited quantity remains.
FRANK S. HERRMANN, A Separate Reality
CLIFFORD JACKSON, Of Landscapes and Symphonies
Peter Hastings Falk.
Published for the retrospective at the Adirondack Center Museum, 1989.
Wayman Adams considered Jackson [ 1924-1985] as his best student. His works from the 1960s to the early 1980s boldly reassert the Post-Impressionist tradition in American landscape painting.
39 illus., 10 in color. 32 pp., paperback ISBN 0-932087-08-6
$12.00 postpaid. A limited quantity remains.

The first biography and catalogue raisonné of one of America's most important sculptors. A Flight with Fame: The Life and Art of Frederick MacMonnies, by Mary Smart. Foreword by Prof. William H. Gerdts
Catalogue Raisonné of 116 sculpture and 109 paintings by Adina Gordon.
342 pages profusely illustrated with 309 photographs. Cloth. ISBN: 0-932087-52-3

Limited edition. Price: $89.00

A Flight with Fame: The Life and Art of Frederick MacMonnies, by Mary Smart.
GEORGE MARINKO, Pioneer American Surrealist
Peter Hastings Falk.
Published for the memorial exhibition at the John Slade Ely House, New Haven, Conn., Nov. 1989.
Marinko [1908-1989] was one of America's great pioneers in surrealism during the 1930s. Essay discusses the range of his works from surrealism to abstraction, and his series of totemic sculptures and masks.
53 illustrations. 16 pp., paperback ISBN 0-932087-10-8
$12.00 postpaid. A limited quantity remains.
Peter Hastings Falk.
Published for the retrospective at the Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, Conn., Apr. 1989.
Scheffler [1884-1973] was one of the finest architectural artisans of the 20th century. However, until this exhibition, his paintings - strong examples of American Post-lmpressionism - remained a private and unseen side of his life in art.
55 illus., 8 in color. 48 pp., paperback ISBN 0-932087-06-X
$12.00 postpaid. A limited quantity remains.
NATALIE VAN VLECK, A Life in Nature and Art
Peter Hastings Falk.
Published for the Flanders Nature Center, Nov. 1992.
Van Vleck [1901-1981] was, during the early 1920s, among the very earliest of our country's modernist women artists. Despite emerging as a very talented student of Max Weber, by the early 1930s she locked all of her modernist works in a closet which was never opened until after her death. This fascinating life story, also contains a checklist of 193 known oils, watercolors, pastels, and prints.
31 illustrations in black & white. 22 pp. paperback. ISBN 0-932087-22-1
$12.00 postpaid. A limited quantity remains.

The following monographs are OUT OF PRINT.

It is possible that you may find a copy at a bookseller specializing in rare and out of print art books. These monographs may sometimes be located at the larger fine arts libraries of colleges, universities, art museums, and larger public libraries.

ELIZA DRAPER GARDINER,    Master of the Color Woodblock
Peter Hastings Falk
Published for the retrospective at the Newport Art Museum, Oct. 1987. Gardiner [1871-1955] was one of the Provincetown Printers and a pioneer in the art of color woodblock printing during the first decades of this century. Contains checklist of 88 known prints. 31 illus., 5 in color. 32 pp. paperback. ISBN 0-932087-00-1

MILTON J. BURNS, Marine Painter
Peter Hastings Falk.
Published for the retrospective at the Mystic Seaport Museum, June, 1984.
Burns [1853-1933] was one of the few American marine painters who really did live the life of a sailor. His escapades at sea provided inspiration and subject matter for his friend, Winslow Homer. Burns' works were frequently reproduced in Harper's Weekly and other magazines. 39 illustrations, 9 in color. 28pp., paperback.

Peter Hastings Falk & Paul J. Staiti
Published for the retrospective at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum and the National Museum of Women in the Arts. 1986.
Chapman [1858-1947] moved freely from Impressionism to miniature painting throughout her career, most of which was spent in Paris where she was well known. She was one of the first American women, along with Mary Cassatt and Elizabeth Nourse, to be elected to the prestigious Salon of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. Contains two essays, an exhibition checklist, and a record of her miniatures in ivory.
60 pp., paperback. 87 illustrations, 9 in color.

Peter Hastings Falk
Researched and written for the retrospective at the Richard York Gallery, New York, Oct. 1981.
Ellen Day Hale [1855-1940] was an artist of the first generation of America's Impressionist painters. A member of what is now referred to as the Boston School of Painting, Hale has been recognized as one of America's leading women Impressionists.
8 illustrations, 6 in color. 20pp.

LESTER G. HORNBY, Painter-Etcher
Peter Hastings Falk.
Published for the joint retrospective at three New York galleries, Apr. 1984.
Hornby [1882-1956] was one of the founders of the art colony at Rockport, Mass. One of the best of the master etchers in the Whistlerian tradition, he is best known for his scenes around Cape Ann, Paris, and throughout France. Contains checklist of 340 known prints.
21 illustrations. 16 pp., paperback

AARON SOPHER, Satirist of the American Condition
Peter Hastings Falk.
Published for the retrospective at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Jan 1991.
The great benefactor of the Baltimore Museum of Art, Etta Cone, called Aaron Sopher [1905-1972] "the Rowlandson of Baltimore." Upon her death, she bequethed to the Museum her major collection of works by Matisse, Picasso...and one-hundred forty-two drawings and watercolors by Sopher.
Sopher drew his inspiration from artists like John Sloan and satirists such as Daumier, Grosz, Hogarth, and Rowlandson. Before his death in 1972, Sopher had become, like H.L. Mencken, an institution in Baltimore.
593 illustrations in black & white. 256pp. Collectors limited edition of 1,000 copies hand bound in cloth cover. ISBN 0-932087-14-0.

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